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(Almost) all that StorkWEB can do for you


A tailored response

We assist you from the very beginning of your project to its completion… and along its whole exostence
Au delà de votre site internet, nous pouvons également vous conseiller sur tous les aspects de vos projets informatiques, tant au niveau matériel que logiciel.


Check your ranks and traffic

Receive a monthly report detailling your swwebsite ranks on the major search engine and its social media renown… And their progress.

Online Shop

Sale on the Net

You want to create a virtual showcase for your products or services…

Why go one step beyond and also create a virtual shop and reach a whole new customer pool you never dream of  ?

Domain Names

You’re NOT just a number

We guide you in the choice of a (or multiple) domain name for your project. We can reseve and set up your domain for you or just re-use the current one.


The most polyvalent CMS

We build your web site with WordPress™ and adapt it to your needs. WordPress™ with its flexibiliy allows for very different sites, «responsives» (to adapt themselves to all kind of screens) and offers all the tools to be well registered by all the search engines (SEO)



Visual Identity

Take care of your commpany’s image! Pictures, videos, logos, graphical charter , our partner e-mages will let you reach your objectives of consistency and quality.
For your family, events (weddings, sports…) e-mages will offer its expertise for picture that make the difference


Increased speed & security

With Cloudflare your website is replicate to a network of servers around the world to serve each and every visitor from a plocation near them. This allows both an increase in speed and a shield against all kinds of attacks that won’t even be able to reach your server.  Icing on the cake : the first level formula is free of charge ! Yes !
For more details on the numerous options available do not hesitate to contact us

Serveurs virtuels

Indépendance + flexibilité + fiabilité

Les serveurs virtuels que nous vous proposons, fournis par notre partenaire Gandi, offrent les avantages de serveurs dédiés (pas de co-propriétaires et donc de partage de ressources), une flexibilité totale permettant à tout moment de faire évoluer la puissance et/ou la capacité de stockage de la machine virtuelle d’un simple clic permettant ainsi de suivre l’évolution du traffic de votre site ou simplement d’absorber une hausse temporaire. Enfin étant hébergés dans le « cloud » les serveurs ne sont pas dépendants de la fiabilité d’une seule machine physique mais de tout un groupe ramenant ainsi les probabilités d’indisponibilité à quasi néant.

SSL certificates

Encryption = Security

SSL certificates allow the encryption of all data transfer between your (the visior) computer and the web servers. Published by a certified independant provider,they also allow to garanty that your are indeed conected to the actual website and not a pirated mirror site (phishing). When surfing securely a padlock icon appears in the browser’s address bar. secured addresses starts with  https:// instead of http://

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make yourself known

Over 1 000 000 000 web sites ! Our partner Chidaine SEO will help you optimize your website for the search engines and also in defining you social network communication in order to make you stand out of the crowd.

… And a whole lot more. Do NOT hesitate to contact us, we will most certainly have a proposal that suits your every needs.

We specialized in special cases 😉